Terms & Condition

1. Quarterly Connection – hereinafter “Company” is a direct selling company marketing its products to the consumer through direct marketing. The policies herein are applicable to all Member/Reps of the Company.

2. I am of legal age in the State of my residency. I understand and agree that I am an independent contractor, responsible for determining my own hours and business activities, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Quarterly Connection.

3. I acknowledge and affirm that the agreement between Quarterly Connection and its Member/Reps does not constitute an employer/employee relationship, agency, joint venture, or partnership between the Company and the Member/Reps.

4. As a Quarterly Connection Member/Rep, I will be an independent contractor responsible for my own business and not an employee of Quarterly Connection. I will not be treated as an employee with regard to any laws covering employees including but not limited to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, Social Security Act or Federal Unemployment Tax Act.

5. In order to maintain a viable marketing program and to comply with changes in Federal, State and Local laws or economic conditions, the Company may revise its Terms and Conditions Agreement from time to time.

6. I understand that I cannot use the name Quarterly Connection or Quarterly Connection Trademarks or Logo in advertising or in my business name without prior approval from Quarterly Connection. No other materials, other than Quarterly Connection materials, may be mailed to prospects in the same mailing piece. This includes but is not limited to any “Stamp Programs” or other questionable materials or programs.

7. Member/Reps may not quote incomes of other Member/Reps in order to induce or persuade a prospect to become a Member/Rep. Any income claims are strictly prohibited.

8. No representation has been made by Quarterly Connection or any employee or agent as to the future or past income, expenses or profitability of becoming a Member/Rep.

9. In the conduct of business, I will safeguard and promote the reputation of the products and services of Quarterly Connection and shall refrain from any and all conduct which might be harmful to the reputation of the Company or to the marketing of its products and services.

10. To enroll as a Member/Rep, the cost is $99 for the first quarter ($109 for Canada and Mexico and $119 for all other countries) and $119 for all following quarters that a member wishes to remain an active and paid member ($129 for Canada and Mexico and $139 for all other countries) with a yearly $25 administrative fee. The administrative fee covers the administrative setup cost for your tracking center and Member/Rep services for one year. This fee is waived for the first year and will be billed 30 days in advance for the second year.

11. I understand that Member/Reps are charged a quarterly processing fee for sales and commissions earned. There is a $5 check writing fee. For commissions over $100 but less than $200, the processing fee is $10. For commissions over $200 but less than $500, the processing fee is $20. For commissions over $500, the processing fee is $25. The fee is deducted from commissions earned and will show on your quarterly statement.

12. Quarterly Connection has a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM POLICY. We consider Spam to be unsolicited bulk email. I understand that the failure to comply with this policy can result in my immediate termination. I further understand that if I am terminated due to Spam, I will no longer be eligible to receive any future compensation, will not be eligible for any type of refund and will permanently lose my membership.

13. The Company also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate any Member/Rep who it considers to have business ethics that are questionable and may thereby damage the reputation of Quarterly Connection.

14. I understand and affirm that there has been no guarantee of income, nor any assurance of profit or success represented to me. No warranties or guarantees either oral or written were made to me.

15. A Member/Rep becomes qualified to earn commissions with an active membership/product sale(s). Failure to pay the membership fees in any quarter will disqualify the Member/Rep from receiving commissions for that quarter. I understand that this is a “Quarterly” membership with recurring quarterly dues.

16. Only one entry per individual is allowed. However, you may join again as a Business Entity if you have a separate Tax ID Number. Other people in the same household may join your group if they are of legal age.

17. To become a Customer and thereby receive products and services from Quarterly Connection, you do not have to be a Member/Representative and can earn commissions from products sold.

18. Commissions are run from the 10th to the 15th of each month following the closing quarter and commission checks are paid on the 15th thru the 20th of the month following the closing quarter.

19. Commissions are calculated in the following format: The “True Reverse 2-Up” Commission Structure.You are paid 5 levels “Deep”. Everyone in the entire Matrix keeps their first 2 recruits and does not share commissions on them. For all the rest after the first 2, Level 1 pays $10. Level 2 pays $10. Level 3 pays $10. Level 4 pays $10. Level 5 pays $10. Everyone’s first 2 recruits are connected directly to their sponsor and are never shared. If you personally Sponsor 5 to 9 Members, you are paid an Infinity Bonus of $2 per person for everyone in your pay lines thru 2 generations. If you personally Sponsor 10 or more Members, you are paid a $5 Infinity Bonus for everyone in your pay lines thru 2 generations, and can be earned thru up to 5 generations.

20. A Member/Rep Membership may be transferred by will or assignment to immediate family members or heirs with approval from the Company upon receipt of written documentation.

21. I understand that ALL Sales are final and that there is a NO REFUND policy. I understand that the No Refund Policy is also in effect for any Marketing Tools or Materials, including the Turn Key Marketing Co-op. If I paid by Credit Card, I agree that I will NOT issue a “Charge Back” with my Credit Card Company. I agree that if I should make a chargeback, I will pay the legal fees to have the charge back removed.

22. This agreement and all ancillary agreements constitute the entire agreement between the parties and there are no other oral or written understandings or agreements between Quarterly Connection and any Member/Rep.